How to access the vLab

How to access the vLab

The vLab is readily available to all Monash GDPA students. If you are not a GDPA student please contact the vLab Research Portal Manager, to request access, providing information about the course you are enrolled in.

Accessing the vLab is very easy!

Step 1: Navigate to

We recommend using any browser except Safari. You can also access the vLab through your Moodle by clicking on “Research

Step 2: Enter your Monash username and password to log in.

If you are student, your username is the first part of your email address, before the

If you are a staff member, your username is different to your email address. Your username with be a combination of your initials/surname/numbers (e.g., tiro0002) while your email address will contain your name (e.g., Just use your username.

If you are having trouble with your username and/or password, please get in touch with eSolutions and they can help you.

vLab Max Logo WEB

You’ll now be inside the vLab, able to see the range of applications you can now use!


An overview of the vLab

Here’s an informal, non-technical 30-minute video giving a complete overview of the vLab.

We recommend you watch this before you use the vLab for the first time.


What are the different versions of Citrix and which one do I choose?

The new vLab runs off the Citrix Server. There are two different versions of Citrix, and you need to know the difference, and when to use which one.

Please watch this short video that explains what you need to know about Citrix to get the most out of the vLab.

If you'd rather see some brief information about Citrix with screenshots, rather than watch the video above, please click on the drop down menu just below.


Where do I save my files in the vLab?

It’s absolutely vital that you learn where to save files in the vLab so that you don’t lose them.

If you were using the vLab prior to the update in March 2019, you may have been used to saving in the H drive. The H drive has changed!

Please watch this short video that explains where to save your files in some of the common applications, such as SPSS.

If you would rather read the information than watch the above video, here are the details you need


Comparing using the vLab with Citrix Light or the Full Version of Citrix


Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Can't find what you need?

Contact the vLab Manager