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Inquisit Web enables simple, convenient collection of rich psychological data remotely over the web. Inquisit Web is Inquisit Lab's online sibling and is ideal for mass testing, internet research, and accessing geographically dispersed populations.

You can use all the same assessment tools available for Inquisit lab except Inquisit web implements them online. If you are planning on accessing an online participant pool such as CloudResearch (formally TurkPrime) or Sona Systems then Inquisit Web is the best choice.

If you have never used Inquisit Web before then we recommend watching the video on how to setup a web script in the FAQ "How do I setup an Inquisit Web experiment?" below.

Accessing and using Inquisit Web

To access Inquisit Web users should contact the vLab Research Portal Manager, and include their Monash email address. Students should CC in their supervisor asking for permission to obtain an Inquisit account.

First-time users

Inquisit Web runs the same scripts as Inquisit Lab so you can create tests on the desktop and then implement them online. Inquisit Web will then produce an anonymous link for you to send to your participants or place on Qualtrics and/or Sona Systems or CloudResearch (described in the Select participants page).

Unique to Inquisit Web, when you logon you will see the same home screen as every other user. What this means is you will be able to see everyone else's active web scripts. Please be respectful of others work when accessing Inquisit web and do not edit other people's scripts.

To create a web script you need to access Inquisit web via the vLab and then logon. Next, choose the "Web Scripts" option in the menu on the left. You will be able to see the list of registered scripts on this page. To create your own script please press on the "Register New Script" button.


  • Millisecond Inquisit has some really helpful support documentation (.pdf) that you may find useful when first starting out.
  • The Inquisit Lab also houses their own FAQs here for those trickier and more specific questions you may have.
  • There is also an Inquisit support forum where other users have posted their answers to problems they may have faced.
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