A. Start thinking, reading, generating ideas

Preliminary reading

Searching for articles

Monash's researching for your literature review library guide provides information on how to use research databases and generate a search strategy to help locate high-quality articles in a particular field. You can also access a range of databases through the Monash Library Guide here to start your search. Starting with review articles is a great way to get an overview of your research area while also finding out which researchers are the most prominent in that area. Using the reference list of a review article is an efficient way of finding seminal studies in the area. It is also helpful to do a recent search, where you restrict the parameters to studies conducted in the past few years, so you can get a picture of what is happening in the area currently.

Looking at future recommendations

Once you have identified relevant articles, focus on the final paragraphs where the authors offer suggestions for future research. Looking at the suggestions from recent studies will provide you with ideas on where you could focus your research question.

Taking notes

While you are reading through articles take summary notes on points of interest. Create a compilation of information that stands out to you or are pertinent to where you are aiming your research question. Be sure to note the reference as this will be helpful later when drafting the introduction.