vLab applications

You will have access to a range of applications in the vLab. They can be organised into three categories:

  • Applications for acquiring data, such as Qualtrics
  • Applications for storing data, such as LabArchives
  • Applications for analysing data, such as SPSS

You will also have access to other applications, such as Word and Power Point.

If you click on the applications below, you’ll find helpful information, such as instructional videos and FAQs, for some of the more commonly used applications in the vLab.

1. Measurement tools

The vLab provides access to survey (Qualtrics) and experiment generation tools (Inquisit, OpenSesame).

2. Data analysis tools

The Psychology Virtual Lab provides Monash students free access to a variety of software commonly used for quantitative and qualitative data analyses.

3. Data management tools

To organise, safely store and share your data with your supervisor and other members of your research team use LabArchives, a cloud-based Electronic Lab Notebook.

To share data and disseminate research with other researchers, Monash recommends using monash.figshare, a collaborative data repository for Monash University researchers and graduate research students.

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