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Inquisit is a powerful, easy-to-use psychological measurement and experimentation tool. Inquisit is ideal for lab-based research, cognitive neuroscience, and field testing with laptops. It allows for testing of various cognitive processes including, but not limited to, attention, inhibition, working memory and decision-making.

Accessing and using Inquisit Lab

Inquisit Lab is accessed via the Virtual Laboratory (vLab). For instructions, head to the vLab page here.

Launch Inquisit Lab via the vLab

First-time users

Watch this Introduction to Inquisit Lab video (5:31") and/or read the instructions below. (Note that the first 2' of the video are not relevant to vLab users who do not need to buy/dowload Inquisit).

Inquisit opens on your desktop and runs pre-programmed experiments from what's called a script. The script is written in a language unique to Inquisit.

Don't worry if you have never written or used a script before as Inquisit has a diverse library of existing scripts you can download and run.

Go to the Millisecond website and find the Inquisit Library. Once you have found a test that interests you click on it to obtain further information. You will then be provided with four options:

  1. Download: Use this to download the script. Remember to choose the correct version (e.g. "for Inquisit 5"). The file will download as a zip folder and will include the stimulus files as well as the script itself.
  2. Run Test Online: This will run an online demo version of the test so you can see how it works before you download it. Please note, you may be asked to download the Inquisit Player for it to run, this is the same process your participants will have to go through so it's good practice to be familiar with it.
  3. User Manual: If you want more information on how the test is run, such as, variables, timings and scoring. This is also included in the script itself but the online version is a simple way to check the details of the script match what you are after before you download it.
  4. Sample Data: Shows you what the data output will look like within Inquisit Lab. You will need to choose the format you want the data to be downloaded in, CSV, XLS or Inquisit's own file type. Please note that both CSV and XLS files can be imported into SPSS for analysis.

If you do want to learn how to edit or write your own scripts then there is a diverse range of support tools available. Don't be afraid to get in and have a play with the tools, just make sure you save a backup copy of the file you want to edit in case you break something you don't know how to fix.


  • Millisecond Inquisit has some really helpful support documentation (.pdf) that you may find useful when first starting out.
  • The Inquisit Lab also houses their own FAQs here for those trickier and more specific questions you may have.
  • There is also an Inquisit support forum where other users have posted their answers to problems they may have faced.
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