C. Discuss your research ideas with your supervisor

Now that you have chosen a particular area of interest, it is time to start discussing possible projects with a supervisor in the field. You may wish to check out Supervisor Connect which showcases the world leading, high impact research and supervisors in the Medicine, Nursing, and Health Sciences Faculty at Monash. 

At this point, the discussion is usually fairly broad and can be considered more of a brainstorming session. You are not expected to have a specific idea of what you will be doing for your project at this stage, this is more of an opportunity for you to liaise with a research supervisor to get a feel for the type of research that is possible in the area, and that you would be interested in pursuing. Some people might discuss options with a range of supervisors at this point to find a 'good match'. For more information on supervision, see the supervision and communication page.

Once you and your supervisor have discussed potential projects and have decided on some key areas for investigation, it's time to get the ball rolling with the literature review.