About LabArchives

LabArchives is a cloud-based Electronic Lab Notebook that provides a shared environment for students and supervisors to interact within, and for supervisors to keep track of their students’ work, as well as an environment for independent work by students.

LabArchives allows you to manage your whole project including,

  • Recording the details of your meetings with your supervisor.
  • Storing and organising your research notes, papers, data, results, and thesis components.
  • Sharing any of these with your supervisor and other members of your research team.

Accessing and using LabArchives

If you have already set up your account, you can access LabArchives directly by clicking the link below and selecting your institution (i.e. Monash University). You will be prompted to enter your authcate details.

Login to LabArchives

Setting up your account

If you are using LabArchives for the first time (and you are not a GDPA student), you will need to create your LabArchives account by following the steps outlined in the Setting up your LabArchives account page.

If you are a GDPA student, to create your LabArchives account, please follow the instructions described in the accordion below.

Using LabArchives

We strongly advise all users to watch the "Quick Introduction to LabArchives" video (8:46") below.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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