2. Investigate your research topic

You don't have to be good to start, you just have to start to be good - Joe Sabah

Starting your research project can be hard but the best place is usually the introduction and the literature review. The introduction is usually the first chapter of your thesis and "sets the scene" for the reader by providing the context and rationale for your research project. Everyone will have their own approach to their literature review, as there is no right way of doing it. Usually, you will have done some pre-reading on your research topic to help you decide on your specific area of interest, and the possible direction of your project. This should help provide you with an overall idea of where the review should head and the topics to be covered.

The following steps provide a general guide on how to approach your literature review and research proposal. Each research topic is different however, so there may be some variability in how they are best structured, conceptualised, and written.