Uploading & downloading files for SPSS

Uploading files

To open a file in SPSS you will firstly need to upload it to your Monash drive so that you can work on it. To do this, open SPSS via vLab and click on the hamburger icon in the very centre of the top of your browser.

Hamburger Icon

and when all options appear on the menu,

Menu Options

click on the upload icon (cloud with an arrow pointing upwards).

Upload Option

Locate and select the file that you wish to upload and then press "open". In the "Upload to" window, locate and select your Monash drive (note. we recommend you create a specific folder within your Monash drive where you can save all your work to ensure you can easily locate your files) and then press "Ok".

To open a file you have uploaded, open the application (e.g., SPSS) you wish to work in and then open the file from within the application, this is done in the same way as you would on your local computer.

Downloading files

To download a file you have been working on within vLab-Max to your local computer, you need to complete the same steps as above for uploading but backwards. You first need to save the file you are working on from within the application. Save as you normally would when working within the program locally, ensuring you save to the folder you created within your Monash drive. To download the file, click on the hamburger at the top centre of the screen and then click on the download button (cloud with a downward facing arrow). Select the file you wish to download and press "open". The file should now be on your local computer (e.g., downloads folder).

Download Option

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