Our terminology

Credit points
  • most units are worth six credit points
  • some Engineering units are worth four credit points.
  • a unit that you are selecting at Monash because it has been approved by your home institution as being equivalent to a program/major requirement
  • degree or program, for example: Bachelor of Arts
  • specific discipline within a school
  • a unit that you are selecting at Monash because it has been approved by your home institution as an optional unit that you can take out of interest in order to add breadth to your degree
  • all units belong to a particular faculty
  • exchange students are allocated to the faculty in which they are doing the majority of their Monash units.
Flexible Study
  • choose units (courses) from the full range of options available in the Monash Handbook
  • Several units will require additional assessment to ensure that you have the equivalent prerequisite knowledge required for successful study at Monash.
Full-time load
  • 18 – 24 credit points per semester (usually three or four units)
Laboratory session/workshop
  • class of 10 – 100 students conducted in a laboratory
  • class of 10 – 250 students where an academic delivers a one to two hour lecture with little interaction
  • other units which must already have been completed at your home institution before a particular unit can be studied
  • these apply to exchange and study abroad students
  • major discipline within a faculty: School of Philosophical, Historical and International Studies in the Faculty of Arts
  • choose units (courses) from specifically designed lists based on focused academic areas
  • Receive a Study Abroad Certificate upon completion
  • class of 5 – 25 students where an academic leads group discussion and students make individual or group presentations
  • subject or course, for example: Introductory accounting
Unit code
  • each unit has a seven character code, for example: AFW1001
  • the letters indicate the discipline, for example: AFW = Accounting
  • the first number indicates the year level, for example: 1 = first year
  • units starting with a number higher than 4 are usually postgraduate units and only available to students on postgraduate exchanges (requires special approval)
  • Faculty of Law undergraduate units begin with 1-5 and postgraduate units with 7
  • the handbook lists units individually and will state if the unit is postgraduate or undergraduate.