Financial information

When considering overseas programs, it's important to understand that each program type comes with its own set of tuition arrangements and program fees. Additionally, factors such as the duration and location of your program can determine your overall living and travel expenses. You'll also want to explore the various grants and scholarships available to help fund your travels.


Our exchange arrangements with universities all over the world mean that as a Monash exchange student you won’t pay additional tuition fees with any of our partners. All you pay are your normal HECS or Monash tuition fees for the time you are away. This is because Monash and our exchange partner institutions ‘swap’ student places under the terms of our agreement.

If you plan to study overseas with an institution that is not a Monash partner through Independent Study Abroad, you’ll pay fees directly to that institution, in place of your Monash fees. Check to see if you’re eligible for any scholarships or grants to help you.

If heading overseas on a Global Study Tour, Global Campus Intensive or Global Work Integrated Learning program, usually you’ll pay your normal HECS or Monash tuition fees. You may also be required to pay an additional program fee.  – This will be published on the brochure page for your preferred program.

Living and travel costs are your responsibility

Your program, travel and living costs aren’t included in your tuition fees, so you’ll need to budget and pay for them. The only exception to this is the Global Immersion Guarantee program, for which significant travel and living costs are subsidised.

The cost of living varies from country-to-country, and also depends on your program and the length of time you plan to be away. Make sure you budget to have enough money to cover you for things like your return airfare,  visas, accommodation, food, textbooks, sightseeing, entertainment and any extra travel you plan to do.

Living and travel costs range from as little as $2,000 in total for short programs, or as much as $2,000 per month – more in some high-cost countries – for full semester exchanges. Some partner universities also require you to pay for health insurance or orientation activities, so be aware that extra costs like these might pop up.

If considering semester exchange, the application includes a financial plan worksheet, which you should take seriously when completing. To make sure your experience is everything you want it to be, think about the exchange rate in your host country, how much living costs are and make a plan to save money right up until you depart.

Funding your trip could be easier than you think

Monash Abroad Travel Grant

The Monash Abroad Travel Grant could get you well on your way to experiencing study overseas. This grant provides valuable support for a wide array of overseas programs, offering funding ranging from $1,250 to $2,500 to fuel your travel experiences.

New Colombo Plan Grant

The Australian Government's New Colombo Plan (NCP) Mobility Program offers grants to support Australian students studying in the Indo-Pacific region. The NCP Grant helps cover living expenses during your global mobility program. These grants are accessible to students participating in select programs to specific Indo-Pacific countries.

Find out more about New Colombo Plan grants available

Other grants and scholarships

It’s possible to hold more than one scholarship, bursary or grant at a time, so checking out all of the funding opportunities available to you is a good idea.

You may be eligible for faculty or philanthropic grants to encourage students to study overseas. You may also be able to source some funding through our partner universities – they sometimes provide scholarships and grants to encourage you to choose them as your destination.

Find out more about other grants and scholarships


If you are a Commonwealth supported student, you may be eligible for an OS-HELP loan, which can be used to offset travel and living costs associated with your study overseas.

OS-HELP loans are available for select programs and must be repaid to the Commonwealth via the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) after you've finished your studies.

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Monash student financial aid offers interest free loans, of up to $3000, with flexible repayment schedules for current Australian Monash students. Find out more about student loans and grants.


While Centrelink don't actually offer grants, it is possible for you to continue receiving your government income support payments while overseas. If accepted onto your program of study, you can request to receive a letter from Monash Abroad that you can provide to Centrelink to support continuation of these payments.