OS-HELP is a Commonwealth Government loan program. It provides financial assistance to eligible Commonwealth Supported Place students, to study part of their course overseas.

If you are approved to receive an OS-HELP loan for your overseas study program, you can use it to pay for airfares, accommodation or other travel/study expenses.

The funds for OS-HELP loans are provided by the Department of Education, Skills and Employment.
Monash Abroad administers the funds and assesses student eligibility to receive an OS-HELP loan.

The amount you borrow will be added to your accumulated HELP debt and will be repayable under the same conditions as your HELP debt. You must read the OS-HELP Statement of terms and conditions before applying for an OS-HELP loan.

If you are eligible (you should be meeting all the loan eligibility criteria at the time of your application assessment) and wish to apply for an OS-HELP loan, please submit your application as per the relevant OS-HELP loan term deadline, even if you have not been accepted into your overseas program by that deadline.

Late loan applications are not accepted.


How much?
(in 2023)

  • up to A$7,348 per six-month study period for study not in Asia
  • up to A$8,817 per six-month study period for study in Asia
  • supplementary A$1,172 to assist with the cost of language study, undertaken in preparation for overseas study in Asia

How many?

  • one loan per six month study period
  • a maximum of two OS-HELP loans in your lifetime

Any fees?

  • no fees and no interest accrued on loans