Application Process & Key Dates

All applicants - 2023 applications and offers

1. Application acknowledgement

After submitting your application, you will receive an email with your Application Reference Number, we encourage you to monitor your spam folder. Please use this number when communicating with us about your application.

2. Offer of accommodation
42, 48 and 52 week contracts
  • Offers of accommodation will commence from mid November and continue through into January.
  • Additional offers will be made in late January through to February until all available rooms have been filled.

Semester two contracts

  • Offers will commence from mid-May and continue throughout June and July

*A significant number of residents undergo a change of circumstance throughout the year and as such a number of vacancies become available during the semester. Offers for accommodation will be made as rooms become available.

3. Offer acceptance

Once an offer has been made, you must accept by the deadline specified in your offer email, or the offer will automatically lapse. Please pay special attention to all the Terms and Conditions and the Accommodation Fee Regulations prior to accepting your offer.

You must also complete all Mandatory Residential Induction Training requirements.

The rental deposit is a non-refundable fee so if you are not sure if you are coming to Monash University and taking up your residency it's important that you contact the Admissions Office and advise them to place your application on the waitlist until you are certain

4. Studio selection (for studio apartments only)

Those applicants who are offered a studio apartment may be invited to select their prefered studio, depending on the offer acceptance deadline.  If the acceptance deadline is January or later, there will be limited availability of studio apartments at this time and so the Admissions Office will pre-select a studio apartment.

Studio selection is not available for semester two accommodation offers as availability is limited. Studios will be auto allocated by MRS.

*Please note that studio selection is subject to final approval by the College Head in order to create and maintain a diverse residential community as per the Admissions Policy
Additionally, if you are a current resident and are residing in a studio that is designated by MRS for residents with specific requirements or conditions e.g Accessibility, you may be required to move if you do not meet those requirements or conditions.

5. Confirmation of booking

Approximately two weeks prior to your contract start date, you will receive an email outlining

  • Your Hall allocation
  • Your arrival details
  • The address details for picking up your keys
  • A link to the welcome video to be watched prior to arrival
6. Moving in

You are expected to move into your room as per the date on your contract. If you will be checking-in on a date later than the contract start date, you must communicate this to MRS in advance and accommodation fees will remain payable from the contract start date.

If you fail to move into your room on the date notified to MRS, the MRS Admissions Office will attempt to contact you and, should they be unable to reach you within 24 hours, may contact your emergency contact. You will remain liable for the rental of the room until you advise MRS that you no longer wish to take up residency and MRS finds a suitable replacement

Please allow 10 minutes to check in and collect your keys. You will be advised of your assigned room when you check in.

If you are transferring from another MRS residence you will be informed via email of your transfer period

7. Get involved

By living on-campus, you join a diverse and inclusive residential community. One of the best aspects of living on-campus is the social engagement, residential activities and events, and your Residential Support Team will be there for you from your very first day.

We encourage you to get involved in everything that on-campus living has to offer throughout orientation and the semester!