Medical History Collection

Dr Richard Travers OAM medical Collection

The Dr. Richard Travers OAM Collection is a collection of historical and contemporary medical books with strengths in early Australian health practice and medical Australiana. It consists of medical textbooks, academic publications, pamphlets, anatomical and medical treatises that cover a wide range of medical fields from domestic medicine through to immunology. This also includes the records of the Richmond Pharmacy.  View the Travers Collection.

Australian Medical Association Library

The former Museum collection of the Australian Medical Association Library (Victorian Branch) rare books, as well as their 19th century journals. Formerly located in Parkville, it is a medical history collection with a focus on Australian medicine. The AMA collection also includes a number of manuscript items from the Fremantle asylum and ward books from around Victoria. View the AMA collection.

Stephen Mant Forensic Collection

18th and 19th century forensic books, as well as a few twentieth century materials and periodicals. View the Stephen Mant Collection.

Fairfield Goller Collection

The research collection of Dr Ian Goller from Fairfield hospital. An immunologist studying in America during the early eighties, he saw the beginning of the HIV epidemic there and reasoned it might be immunological and sexually transmitted. Ian returned to Australia and worked hard to raise awareness to the seriousness of  HIV/AIDS, and to defend the welfare of the gay community. He was involved in the original Victorian AIDS Action Committee (VAC/GMHC) and was employed in 1985 by the Victoria Health Department to implement education campaigns and promote safe sex. View the Goller Collection.

CL Butcher Historical Collection (Pharmacy)

The Rare and historical collection of Pharmacy books and manuscripts from the CL Butcher Library. These include textbooks, prescription books from pharmacies around Victoria (manuscript), botanical works, historical material related to the Victorian College of Pharmacy and its operations.