Items from other libraries

There are two ways to borrow books, journals and other materials not held by Monash University Library:

  1. Interlibrary loans - let us get it for you.
  2. Borrowing schemes - get a membership to borrow from other libraries in person.

Interlibrary loans

We can get book and articles from non-Monash libraries for you.

Available to:

  • Staff members
  • Graduate students
  • Undergraduate honours students

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Borrowing schemes

Monash staff and students can borrow from other libraries in person with the following membership schemes.

Victorian libraries

  • Request a CAVAL card from your campus library, or
  • Present your current student/staff ID at the other non-Monash library.

Note: CAVAL memberships are currently on hold

Other Australian and New Zealand libraries

Register with the ULANZ scheme to borrow from libraries at universities and colleges in other Australian states and New Zealand. A registration fee may be charged by some libraries.