Research Repositories

Monash University has 2 research repositories:

  • myResearch for publications
  • Bridges for supporting data and non-traditional research outputs.


Monash University Research Portal is the University’s institutional repository for publications. It allows the global research community to connect with our researchers and explore opportunities for collaboration.

Monash researchers

Claim scholarly outputs or add open access copies.


  • MNHS:
  • All other faculties:

Key benefits for researchers:

  • Enable research publications to be listed as part of their Monash University profile.
  • Facilitate open access research outputs for sharing or to meet funder requirements.
  • Demonstrate the impact of research through the use of altmetrics.
  • Automated addition of Monash staff outputs based on Scopus.
  • Review and validation by the University’s Research Outputs Collection Service (ROCS) team.

Research data

Bridges is the University’s institutional data repository. It allows researchers to store, manage and showcase their data while retaining control over access rights and re-use conditions.

Monash researchers

Learn how to access and publish research data and non-traditional research outputs.


Key benefits for our researchers:

  • Comply with funder and publisher requirements to make data open.
  • Manage private or public research outputs securely on Monash storage.
  • Assign Digital Object Identifiers (DOI) for public research outputs, enabling citations and preserving access.
  • Demonstrate the impact of research through the use of altmetrics.
  • Upload any file type and visualise it in the browser for most formats.
  • Embargo research files.
  • Apply Creative Commons or other appropriate licenses to define terms of re-use.
  • Enhance discoverability, enabling collaborative research.
  • Access research files online from anywhere in the world.
  • Share research files privately with collaborators.