People with disability

The Library tries to ensure that all staff and students with a disability are able to access the libraries, their resources and services.

Register for services

Students with a disability seeking Library assistance should register with Disability Support Services.

Accessibility help

Help with accessing the assistive technology and equipment is available at Caulfield, Matheson, Law and Peninsula or Hargrave-Andrew libraries during weekdays from 8am until 6pm and weekends from 1pm until 5pm.

Adaptive Technology Facilities

A range of adaptive technology facilities are provided for eligible students registered with Disability Support Services.

You may book to use adaptive technology facilities for up to three hours.

Adaptive technology facilities includes the following equipment or software:

  • computer
  • scanner
  • internet and Windows account access
  • Microsoft Office, EndNote.

All adaptive technology facility computers also have the following assistive software:

  • JAWS for screen reading
  • Magic for screen magnification
  • Texthelp Read&Write GOLD for page reading and text literacy assistance
  • ABBYY FineReader for scanning and fast optical character recognition
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking for dictation and voice control of the computer
  • Inspiration for graphical idea representation and essay structuring.

Assistive equipment

The following equipment is available at particular branches:

  • Everest Braille embosser and Duxbury Braille translation software at the Matheson Library.
  • Book magnifiers (CCTVs) at Caulfield and Matheson libraries.
  • Lightweight book trolleys at Caulfield, Matheson, and Peninsula libraries.

Resting rooms

Resting rooms are available at Hargrave-Andrew, Law, Matheson and Peninsula Libraries.

Online services

Accessible alternatives for Google Apps at Monash can also be used on the computers throughout the libraries.