Personal data sharing

Monash University Library values the importance of protecting the personal information of individuals. As part of providing a Library service, we may be required to release personal data to vendors.

What we do with your personal data

Monash University Library may be required to share your personal information, including your name and email address with individual publishers but only where there is a need to do so for the purposes of providing you with their service.

If you register directly to use any services offered by individual publishers (for example, services to personalise the content you receive), please note that you will be registering directly with the publisher, who will be collecting any personal information you provide in accordance with their own privacy policy.  There is no obligation for you to register your details with any publishers and if you are not comfortable providing any of your personal information to them, it may be open to you to use a pseudonym, however this may not guarantee total anonymity.

Monash University values the privacy of every individual's personal information and is committed to the protection of that information from unauthorised use and disclosure except where permitted by law.

For information about the handling of your personal information please see our Data Protection and Privacy Procedure which lists our Data Protection and Privacy Collection Statements. If you have any questions about how Monash University is collecting and handling your personal information, please contact our Data Protection and Privacy Office at

Terms and conditions of use

The Library's electronic resources are governed by licence agreements which restrict use to the Monash community and to walk-in patrons. Students and walk-in patrons must be responsible for limiting use to non-commercial academic research or learning purposes and must not systematically download, distribute, or retain substantial portions of information. Copyright and proprietary notices must not be removed from any printed or downloaded material and all use of material must be cited appropriately. The use of software, including scripts, agents or robots, is prohibited and may result in the loss of access to the resources for the entire Monash community. Users found to be in breach of these terms of use may be suspended from access to all purchased electronic resources. Users are also legally required to comply with any additional terms of use as specified in an electronic resource.

Staff should note that any use of electronic resources for teaching purposes must comply with the contractual terms of use of the electronic resource from which the material was sourced. Please contact if you have further questions.

Users found to be in breach of these terms of use will be suspended from access to all purchased electronic resources, and may suffer additional penalties in accordance with the Acceptable Use of Information Technology Facilities by Students Policy and/or the Information Technology Use Policy - Staff and Other Authorised Users.