The Chinese collection supports current China-related teaching & learning and research activities across the University. It comprises of both print and an extensive online collection.  In terms of the print collection, the areas currently under focus for development are: language learning, literature, translation studies, media studies, Tibetan studies as well as religious studies.

With regard to online databases, below are some highlights:

Accessing the Chinese collection

Go to the Chinese studies subject guide for  more detailed information about resources, including relevant databases,  microforms, multimedia materials, journals, online resources, online tutorials,  staff members and more. Use Search to find specific materials. For general  searching use the Search “keyword anywhere” option and enter “China” plus other  topic words that describe what you want. You can use the “Limit” function to limit  your search results to Chinese language materials. Chinese language titles are  romanised using the Pinyin system. The catalogue record for the item displays in both romanisation and  Chinese script.