Science Fiction

Science Fiction

The Science Fiction Collection at Monash University has grown over the years in support of the Centre for Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies, and through the generous donations from individual members of the Melbourne Science Fiction community. The foundational collection consists of science fiction literature: from 19th century classical works, many of the American and Australian science fiction magazines dating from the 1920s to 1950s such as Fantastic Adeventures and Amazing Stories, more contemporary authors, fan publications (fanzines) and other forms of fan activity (fanac).

The most recent additions have been through the In the last five years have been through the donation of materials collected by Bill Wright, Bruce Gillespie and Corey Handfield under Meteor Inc, in order to preserve the legacy of science fiction in Australia.

Meteor Inc. Fanzine Collection

Meteor Incorporated is an Australian organisation formed in 2007 by Bill Wright as a not-for-profit organisation securely preserve Australia's great Science Fiction and Fantasy collections of books, magazines and other memorabilia when the current owners can no longer maintain their collection. The fanzines collected under this innovation currently feature the collections of:

  • Bill Wright
  • Mervyn Binns
  • Lucy Zinkiewickz
  • John Rowley
  • Jack Herman (Sydney)

Melbourne Science Fiction Club

Founded in 1952 by a group of Melbourne science fiction fans, including Race Mathews, Mervyn Binns, Lee Harding and Dick Jenssen. Currently it is the oldest science fiction club in the southern hemisphere, and one of the oldest in the world.  Since 2016, Special Collections preserves the fanzines of The Melbourne Science Fiction Club (M.S.F.C), both Australian and International. Many of the fanzines come from Bill Wright.

John Foyster Estate

This collection contains the fanzines, books and magazines of John Foyster. Born in 1941, Foyster began publishing 'zines in the 1960s. He organised 1966 Seventh Australian Science Fiction Convention, re enervating Australian Science Fiction fandom. He was involved in campaigns to run Aussiecon I and World Con, bringing Australian fandom to a wider audience during the 70s. Founder of DUFF (Down Under Fan Fund), he went on to encourage critical fan engagement through the revival of the Australian Science Fiction Review and founding the Nova Mob (a group for critical analysis of Science fiction).

This collection also includes materials from:
Gary Mason (Adelaide)
Allan Bray (Adelaide)