Study spaces

The Library provides a choice of study spaces to suit different work preferences including:

  • silent study areas with desks where you can plug in your laptop,
  • individual study carrels, computer workstations, or
  • discussion areas with tables for group work.

Some collaborative areas have additional equipment such as mediascape tables, glass writing panels and whiteboards.

At all times, you should ensure that your valuables are not left unattended.

Discussion rooms

Book a discussion room at Caulfield, Law, Peninsula or Matheson libraries.

Terms of use

  • Bookings are made in 30-minute slots, for a maximum of two hours per day.
  • Discussion Rooms are for group study use.
  • No food and only drinks with lids are permitted in Discussion Rooms.


Find a PC or Mac for study or printing.

Quiet study areas

The libraries include quiet study areas, where students are asked to respect the rights of others by working quietly and leaving mobile phones turned off. At the Law Library all levels above level one are individual quiet study areas, including the stairwell.