About Bridges

Bridges is Monash University's repository for research data, collections, and research activity outputs. It is also the home of the University's online archive of PhD and Masters by Research theses.

By electing to use the repository, researchers can increase the discoverability of, and engagement with their research, as well as comply with publisher and funder requirements, receive a permanent link to their research online (a DOI), and track attention through Altmetric.

  • Compliance: easy compliance with funder and publisher requirements to make data open
  • Secure management: manage private or public research outputs securely on Monash storage
  • Multiple formats: more than 650 file types can be uploaded including audio, video, images, spreadsheets, documents, surveys, datasets and posters.
  • Access: research files are available online from anywhere in the world
  • Collaboration: research files can be shared privately with collaborators or made public
  • Increased citations: all research outputs made public receive a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) making them citable
  • Reuse: apply Creative Commons or other appropriate licenses to define terms of re-use
  • Visibility: greater visibility of research outputs once published
  • Discoverability: allows other researchers to find your work, enabling collaborative research
  • Embargo: research outputs can be embargoed when necessary
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What happened to monash.figshare?

In early 2020, the Library renamed the repository from monash.figshare to BridgesThis renaming was just one part of the work we’re doing to ensure a long-term, well-supported repository service for the University.

The repository plays a key role in connecting researchers to their research, researchers to other researchers, and research data to publications. The term Bridges was selected to reflect this idea of connections.