This collection is the largest academic Korean collection in Australia. The collection focus is on social sciences, particularly economics and politics, and on the history, language, architecture and music of Korea.

The collection includes many Korean videos and DVDs. Archival materials and older newspapers are held on microfilm and microfiche. English language materials for Korean studies are held throughout the library.

Accessing the Korean collection

See the Korean studies subject guide for more detailed information about resources, including relevant databases, microforms, multimedia materials, journals, online resources, online tutorials, staff members and more. Use Search to find specific materials. For general searching use the Search 'keyword anywhere' option and enter 'Korea' plus other topic words that describe what you want. You can use the 'Limit' function to limit your search results to Korean language materials. Korean language titles are romanised using the McCune-Reischauer system. The catalogue record for the item displays in both romanisation and Korean script.