Citing and referencing

Citing and referencing material used in your assignment or thesis enables others to verify facts and ideas in your work more easily, and shows you're acting in an ethical and honest manner.

Acknowledgement may be in the form of  in text citations, footnotes, endnotes and/or a bibliography.

Citation styles

Our Citing and Referencing guide has detailed information on each citation style and how to use it.

Online tutorial

This four-part tutorial explains the what, why and how of citing and referencing.

Manage references

We support two reference management programs, EndNote and Zotero.

  • Useful when working on large assignments or research projects
  • Automatically create citations, references and bibliographies in your required style
  • Store reference details for everything you've read for your assignment or research
  • Import sources from the library catalogue and other databases



Key benefits

  • Cite While You Write function in Microsoft Word for modifying in-text citations
  • Reference styles can be customised
  • Covidence integration for systematic reviews



Key benefits

  • Open source and free to use outside of the Monash environment
  • Large range of source types with the Zotero Connector
  • Google Doc and other word processing program integrations