NeuroCOVID-19 Registry

Australia and New Zealand Neuro-COVID-19 data registry

The Australia and New Zealand Neuro-COVID-19 data registry (ANZ NeuroCOVID registry) is a rapid data collection framework that captures cases of COVID-19 infected people with neurological symptoms or those with pre-existing chronic neurological disorders can be recorded. The registry has not yet fully launched, but we look forward to it going live in the coming months.

The collection of these data will enable us to understand:

  • If people with chronic neurological conditions (CND) are at an increased risk to contract the infection or if outcomes are worse and,
  • How the virus may affect the nervous system and the potential long-term neurological effects of the virus.

Data are captured from a wide range of registered neurologists in Australia and New Zealand and stored in a secure database. Results from the registry will allow clinicians to better counsel people with CNDs about their specific risks of contracting COVID-19 as well as understand if certain medications are more likely to increase the chances of a poor outcome. They will also provide clarity to clinicians caring for patients with COVID-19 both in the acute stage and during recovery around potential neurological complications. Finally, the cohort of patients identified may inform further research studies, particularly into the long-term effects of COVID-19 on the nervous system.

In addition to local collaborations, the Aus Neuro-COVID project has established a partnership with the CoroNerve group in the UK, with aligned data collection designed to allow complementary research, of particular interest given the differing spectrum of disease and case-identification in the two countries. We are very excited to be working to better understand the neurological and long-term complications of COVID-19, with greater understanding leading to improved therapies and long-term care of these patients, as well as further our understanding of neuroinfectious and neuroimmune disease mechanisms.

The Alfred Neuroscience Biobank will act as the local biosample repository for the Australian Neuro-COVID project.