Butzkueven group

Multiple Sclerosis Clinical Neuroimmunology

Key terms

Clinical, translational neuroimmunology, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Glial Biology, Genetics, MSBase.

Butzkueven group
2019 MS Base group L-R: Helmut Butzkueven, Pam Farr, Charlotte Sartori, Eloise Hinson

Research goals

Our research interests focus on two areas of Multiple Sclerosis Research; development of new biomarkers for axonal degeneration in MS and understanding the effects of MS risk genes.

Research overview

See more about Helmut Butzkueven's research and projects in his Monash research profile.


Student research projects


See Pubmed link for current publications. See feed window below of recently validated publications from Prof Butzkueven's Monash profile.