Registry Special Interest Group

The Registry Special Interest Group (SIG) is led by Professor Sue Evans. The purpose of the SIG is to provide an informal forum in which people affiliated with clinical registries can discuss issues relating to any aspect of registry operation including, but not limited to, governance, management, information technology, ethics, funding, and models for improvement. It provides an opportunity for registry custodians, epidemiologists, project managers, database managers and statisticians to present work they are doing or ask for input from other people working with registries. It also builds relationships and fosters a collegial and collaborative approach to work in this area.

September 20, 2019 meeting

Optimising the potential for Clinical Quality Registries in Victoria (PDF, 3.32MB)

Dr Lance Emerson – CEO, VAHI

From the ground up – Enablers for a collaborative data driven research program (PDF, 1.43MB)

Chris Kearney – Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre

July 19, 2019 meeting

Translating information into evidence – examples from multiple sclerosis
(PDF, 4.23MB)

Tomas Kalincik – Associate Professor of Neurology; Head, MS Service, Royal Melbourne Hospital; Head, CORe, University of Melbourne

Establishing a quality of care benchmark report (PDF, 1.43MB)

Professor Sue Evans and Fanny Sampurno – Monash University

May 24, 2019 meeting

De-identifying Data – A Way to Safeguard Personal Information
(PDF, 2.80MB)

Jacinta Opie and Dianne Brown – Monash University

Centre for Victorian Data Linkage
(PDF, 1.65MB)

Mark Sipthorp (Technical Manager), Nicholas Ivkovic (Content Manager), Kenneth Cheng (Client Service Manager) – Centre for Victorian Data Linkage

March 15, 2019 meeting

Modified Delphi Methodology
(PDF, 94KB)

Swarna Vishwanath and Husna Begum – Monash University

November 16, 2018 meeting

The ANZICS CORE Registries – Local, National, International and Global Intensive Care (PDF, 3.57MB)

Dr David Pilcher – ANZICS CORE & The Alfred Hospital

The Australian Stroke Clinical Registry: health services research and clinical trials (PDF, 4.28MB)

Professor Dominique Cadilhac – Monash University

September 21, 2018 meeting

CMCND: the first 4000 (PDF, 3.12MB)

A/Prof Paul McMurrick – Frolich West Chair of Surgery, Cabrini Health

Ever wondered how a global registry works? (PDF, 1.94MB)

Jacinta Opie and Fanny Sampurno – Monash University

July 20, 2018 meeting

VAHI's role in helping optimise the potential for Clinical Quality Registries (PDF, 1.99MB)

Dr Lance Emerson – CEO, Victorian Agency for Health Information (VAHI)

Information technology solutions for reporting of registry data (PDF, 1.96MB)

Dr Jessica Lockery – Monash University

March 16, 2018 meeting

A scoping study and a pilot dementia registry to improve dementia clinical care in Australia (PDF, 1.64MB)

Dr Karolina Krysinska – Monash University

Outcome registries – our private sector journey along the registry road
(PDF, 1.74MB)

Karen Patching – Genesis Heart Care

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Head: Professor Sue Evans

Phone: +61 3 9903 0891