PhD program

The Drug Discovery Biology doctoral program is conducted in a world class scientific environment to ensure our graduates are not only specialists in their chosen scientific field, but also have an understanding of diverse topics, techniques and practices relevant to drug discovery.

Our doctorate is a four-year program. The first year includes an advanced course in drug discovery to provide students a strong grounding in biomedical research. First year PhD candidates will undergo three rotational research projects, allowing students to explore diverse research areas and make an informed choice of their final area of research prior to commencement of their three-year doctorate project.

Candidate selection

We are committed to attracting the best candidates to the DDB Doctoral Program. Accordingly, we encourage applications by outstanding candidates from preeminent Australian and international institutions. To enter into the DDB Doctoral Program, candidates will need to meet Monash University’s eligibility requirements. Additional criteria for entry into the program includes:

  • outstanding academic transcript(s) and CV,
  • supporting letters of recommendation,
  • exceptional performance on interviews.

How to apply

For entry into the DDB Doctoral Program, you will need to:

  1. Determine that you meet Monash's eligibility requirements.
  2. Email an expression of interest to the DDB Higher Degree Research Committee (
  3. Eligible applicants will be interviewed by the DDB Higher Degree Research Committee. For more information regarding our interview process, view the interview guidelines. Successful interviewees will be given an invitation to apply.
  4. Apply for our doctoral program via the online form.

Applicants are expected to obtain Australian Government, Monash University, or an equivalent scholarship.


Doctoral Program

Enhanced PhD program

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