About us

At the Drug Delivery, Disposition and Dynamics (D4) theme, we are focussed on the design and development of drug delivery systems that efficiently target drugs to the right place at the right time, be that via oral administration, inhalation or injection.

We are leaders in drug delivery and nanomedicine and have particular strengths in lipid based drug delivery and lymphatic transport. Our major programs address the challenges of:

  • delivering drugs that have very low solubility switching the need to administer drug by injection to using other routes such as inhalation;
  • better understanding the subcellular trafficking of drug molecules;
  • targeting anticancer medicines to tumours;
  • understanding drug transport into the brain;
  • profiling the relationship between delivery system structure and function using field leading analytical capabilities such as the Australian Synchrotron;
  • targeting drugs to the lymphatic system to better treat immune and metabolic disease; and
  • elucidating mechanisms of drug action and developing new strategies to overcome antimicrobial resistance.

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