Cardiovascular and Metabolic Health

What we do

Cardiovascular and metabolic disease presents a tremendous, and increasing, health and economic burden for individuals and society worldwide. MIPS, home to more than 450 scientists, has a growing emphasis on multidiscipline cutting edge cardiometabolic research to address these global challenges.

MIPS expertise in Cardiovascular and Metabolic Health encompasses medicinal chemistry, structural biology, analytical pharmacology, drug disposition, drug delivery, translational models of disease and medicines use and safety. Our commitment to research translation is evidenced by contributing to more than 30 novel drug candidates into clinical development.

We have particular skills in:

the pharmacology of G protein-coupled receptors and the role of allostery and biased signalling in receptor pharmacology

structure-based drug design and the use of fragment-based screening in drug discovery

identification of optimal pharmaceutical properties for drug molecules during hit-to-lead and lead optimisation through to candidate selection

oral and pulmonary drug delivery and the use of nanomedicines in optimised drug therapy

cellular and animal physiology of cardiovascular and metabolic disease models

pharmacoepidemiology and pharmacometrics

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