Research areas

Our world-class research is undertaken within the Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

We have expertise and infrastructure to support research in the following areas:

Centre for Drug Candidate Optimisation

We are an innovative, collaborative research centre that provides ADME lead optimisation advice and support for emerging drug-discovery programs within biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies and not-for-profit research institutes.

Drug delivery disposition and dynamics

Our overarching goal is to develop next-generation drug-delivery systems and regimens that can markedly improve patient treatment. Our research programs are both fundamental and applied, and we have technical expertise in drug-delivery science, biopharmaceutics and PK/PD.

Drug discovery biology

Our research adopts multidisciplinary approaches, ranging from molecular biology to whole-animal physiology, to understand drug targets in biomedicine and disease and how such knowledge informs drug discovery.

Medicinal chemistry

We focus on medicinal chemistry for drug discovery. We have successfully contributed to the development of the ground-breaking flu treatment Relenza and other important medicines. Our strengths are in structure-based drug design and synthetic medicinal chemistry, which applies the principles and techniques of chemistry to the discovery and development of compounds to prevent, treat or cure disease.

Medicine use and safety

Our research takes place within the Centre for Medicine Use and Safety. Its ultimate goal is to optimise the safe and effective use of medicines through our expertise in health services (development and evaluation), pharmacometrics (pre-clinical, clinical, phase I- IV+), pharmacotherapy (hospital, aged care and community), public health/pharmacoepidemiology and pharmacy education (academic and professional).