Centre for Medicine Use and Safety (CMUS)

Centre for Medicine Use and Safety (CMUS)

The Centre for Medicine Use and Safety conducts multidisciplinary research into preventive, acute and chronic care, optimising medication management and patient safety.

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Combination antibiotic treatments found to reduce mortality for superbug infections

New research from Monash University, in collaboration with the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, could change the way patients with life-threatening drug-resistant infections across the world are treated.

CMUS researcher receives Social Impact Award

Women in Innovation South Australia have awarded Monash researcher Dr Janet Sluggett the top prize for their Social Impact category in their recently announced annual “Winnovation” awards.

CMUS partners with Austin Health on an exclusive PhD opportunity

The Centre for Medicine Use and Safety (CMUS) is partnering with Austin Health to offer a suitably qualified pharmacist the opportunity to undertake PhD research on use of electronic medical record data to optimise medicines use.

Old fashioned may be the safest bet: Monash researchers find that paracetamol works best for pain relief

Research by the Centre for Medicine Use and Safety at Monash University in collaboration with the Department of Emergency Medicine, Auckland Hospital in New Zealand has found that paracetamol alone is just as effective as combining opioids and

Monash researchers uncover new potential treatment for diabetes and obesity

  • An international study, led by Monash University, has uncovered an experimental drug that could treat obesity, diabetes and loss of muscle mass in the future.
  • A compound called IC7Fc could improve glucose metabolism and prevent

MIPS maintains top score in 2018 ERA rankings

The Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences has again received excellent results in the latest Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) rankings.

Monash Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences launches the John and Nariel Ware Fellowship in Pharmacy education and Leadership

The Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences last night officially launched a new fellowship enabled by the largest philanthropic gift to pharmacy education in contemporary times.

Representatives of the three PharmAlliance partners: (L-R) Dr Andreia Bruno (Monash), Dr Oksana Pyzik (UCL) and Dr David Steeb (UNC)

PharmAlliance meets at Monash University

PharmAlliance, the research, professional practice and education partnership between the Schools of Pharmacy at Monash University, University College London (UCL) and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC), has held its

Medicine Safety Declared an Australian National Health Priority Area

The Centre for Medicine Use and Safety (CMUS) at the Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences has welcomed Health Minister Greg Hunt’s declaration that Medicine Safety will become Australia’s tenth National Health Priority Area.