Getting started

Monash offers a variety of opportunities to study overseas from a few weeks to year-long programs.

If you want to add some variety to your studies, see the world, broaden your networks or expand your horizons in your field of study, you should consider adding a study overseas experience to your degree.

Why study overseas?

In addition to earning credit for your degree at Monash, there are a host of both personal and professional benefits:

Personal development - studying overseas provides you with opportunities to step out of your comfort zone, become more self-assured and meet new people.

New experiences - studying overseas allows you to see the world and appreciate new perspectives, participate in a different culture, and develop your foreign language skills.

Professional growth - studying overseas can help you build and strengthen different skills, foster an international network, and offer potential opportunities to work in your field overseas.

Academic value - studying overseas offers you access to unique units that aren’t taught at Monash Australia, and enables you to experience different approaches to your studies.

The most enriching part was simply being in an environment different to the everyday life in Melbourne. The ability to culturally exchange with new people, and with the environment as well, allowed me to see different perspectives to life and become a more well-rounded person.

Tristan, Semester Exchange to Aalto University (Finland)

Your overseas study adventure starts here

Below are some initial areas to consider when thinking about studying overseas as part of your Monash degree.