Our donor commitment

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At Monash, the desire to make a difference informs everything we do. We go beyond good intentions - we make an impact, both locally and internationally. Philanthropy lies at the very heart of this success.

We consider philanthropic gifts a platform for change and welcome support of programs and activities that foster academic freedom, excellence in education and research, critical enquiry and debate, and positive community engagement with the University.

Monash is committed to building enduring relationships of mutual trust and partnership with those who share our passion for making positive change in the world. It is the generosity of our community of supporters that allows us to push the boundaries, change more lives, and transform the word for the better. We are deeply grateful to all our donors for their support and strive to ensure every journey with us in philanthropy is a positive and rewarding experience.

This charter underpins our promise to fundraise in an ethical and compliant manner that promotes public confidence and protects University and donor interests. As a donor, and our partner in change, you can expect the following commitments from the University: