Shannen's story

Shannen’s financial struggles made her think a university education was out of reach, but now she’s thriving.

Growing up in regional Victoria, Shannen was often told 'you’ll go on to do big things'. But financial struggles always made a university education seem out of reach for her.

Living in a small town meant access to schools was a challenge. The nearest school that could meet her needs required a long daily commute that put a strain on her studies. But through it all, Shannen’s academic excellence in maths and science shone through. She dreamed of going on to tertiary education, but knew that a move to Melbourne would mean having to find an income to cover her accommodation and living costs.

Shannen remembers some people would have a look of disbelief when she said she wanted to go to university, doubting that she could make it. Eventually those doubts began to creep into her own mind too. But thanks to an Achieving Potential Scholarship to help with accommodation costs, Shannen is overcoming those doubts and working hard to live up to her potential. With the support of alumni and donors she made the move to Melbourne where the financial stability has helped her find her place and build relationships.

Shannen is incredibly grateful for the generosity of the alumni and donor community that have helped her pursue a brighter future that felt out of reach for someone like her.

You’ve changed my life by allowing me to study when it seemed this might not be possible."

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