Ehsan's story

“I believe education is the only way to solve a lot of problems, and there should not be any barriers in receiving education.”

“Education has played a significant part in my life, not only in acquiring degrees and a potential career but has also made me a better person.”

After completing his degree Ehsan knew he was ready for the next phase of his life. “I came to a conclusion that the knowledge, skills and professionalism I had acquired through my degrees, I could only apply them through teaching and sharing.”

Ehsan is passionate about making a difference and he sees his choice to undertake a Masters of Teaching as a way of thanking his teachers, lecturers and tutors.

“My motivation simply comes from the idea of ‘sharing’, sharing the knowledge to educate others. Having the scholarship means that I can work towards my goal and contribute positively to the community, university and overall economy.”

“There are a lot of changes I want to see in the world but the most important one would be ‘equal opportunity for everyone to get education’.”

A gift of an education changes lives. Will you help by making a donation today?