Jillian's story

Jillian - Monash ScholarJillian is striving to be the best teacher she can be.

At Jillian’s public school in Emerald, resources were stretched, but her teachers always encouraged and supported the promising student. Their example sparked Jillian’s passion to become a teacher herself, and make a difference to students in the public school system.

The school Jillian attended is classified as ‘underrepresented’, which means socio-economic disadvantage contributes to fewer students attending university.

Jillian worked hard to overcome this disadvantage, only to be met with further barriers in her initial years of tertiary study. She commuted for hours each day to get to campus from Emerald, and because her mother runs a day care centre from home, Jillian’s study environment was often noisy and challenging.

That’s why she’s eternally grateful for the support of generous people like you, who made her scholarship possible. The support enabled Jillian to move to Melbourne, where she has more time to study in an appropriate space.

Jillian is a passionate believer that students from all financial backgrounds should get the same opportunity to go to university and make a difference.

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