Gita Gopalan

A lasting legacy

Gita Gopalan
Gita Gopalan

“Give because it will make a difference in a young deserving student's life. And pay it forward and make a difference.” - Gita, Monash alumna.

From a young age Gita Gopalan’s father instilled in her the belief that girls can do anything and encouraged her to support herself financially rather than be dependent on others. He helped pave the way for his only daughter to leave Malaysia and move abroad to Australia in 1977, where she completed her secondary education at Princes Hill High School and on the merits of her HSC results, was accepted into Monash University to study a Bachelor of Economics.

For Gita, the experience of studying at Monash opened many doors, personally and professionally. She plans to pay it forward with the gift of a scholarship in her Will to give deserving students access to a high-quality education at Monash.

Gita recalls fond memories of her time at Monash. “My time here was full of cultural activities and also sporting activities. We were given opportunities to play squash, to swim, to do yoga activities and to be part of the culture. I was part of the Malaysia - Indian Society. We took part in cultural shows, it was actually very memorable. I lived at the Halls of Residence, Roberts Hall for one year and that was a wonderful experience, as there were students from all over the world.”

Whilst she is very grateful for these wonderful university experiences, Gita is also thinking about how she can leave a lasting gift for future generations.

In today’s economic climate, Gita has observed that many students are juggling part-time work and study, or in some cases are taking a gap year to save for an education they dreamed of.

“I see a lot of young students working as waiters, waitresses, filling shelves, to make ends meet. A small token in this way would actually relieve the financial burden. There are so many deserving students who could make an impact in this world.”

Gita contacted the Planned Giving team at Monash to discuss how a gift in her Will could make a difference for a talented student studying a Bachelor of Business and Economics and a student studying music. “I’ve always had a passion for music and from a young age developed an interest in classical music, jazz, opera and more, and I learnt that music is a language in itself.”

“It’s an honour to pay this forward with a gift in my Will and provide a path for well deserving students, empowering them to achieve their career goals and focus on becoming the next generation of changemakers and hopefully these students will pay it forward too.”

For Gita, the scholarship, “Is not only going to benefit the students, but it will benefit the community as a whole, and for the betterment of society”.

“In many ways you have to dig deep and give because it will make a difference in a young deserving student’s life.”