Tobias' story

Moving to Melbourne to begin his studies, Tobias knew this scholarship was going to make a difference for him, and for his whole family.


Tobias grew up in northern New South Wales in a family of six children. Tobias chose Monash so he could immerse himself in Melbourne and university life.

Tobias dove into his studies and joined every university club he could find, but moving to the big city came as a shock.

When Tobias was awarded a scholarship to help him study a Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science (Honours) at Monash, the first person he told was his mum.

She had helped him prepare his application, and she knew, better than anyone, just how much of a difference that scholarship was going to make for Tobias, and for their whole family.

Thankfully, his scholarship helped ease the transition. There were times when he wasn’t sure how he would have fed himself without it.

Tobias thanks the donors who made his scholarship possible – he simply couldn’t have done it without them.

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