Brock's journey

An Achieving Potential scholarship helped Brock focus on his mental health and thrive.

Today a meticulous routine helps Brock manage his anxiety and Autism Spectrum Disorder. Thanks to the Monash alumni and donor community who supported Brock, a scholarship helps him manage his finances and mental health so he can stay focused on his education.

Brock excelled at maths and science in high school, but it took hard work and extra support for his anxiety and Autism Spectrum Disorder to help him stay on track. When he was accepted into a double degree in Engineering and Commerce, he began planning a detailed budget that would allow him to maintain a regular routine to support his mental health.

Brock knew that any financial trouble would cause him to deviate from his routine. This would put his mental health at risk of spiralling, and he feared losing motivation and falling behind in his studies. Learning that he would receive a scholarship was an enormous relief for Brock. His worries about supporting himself finally eased and he was able to make the most of his university experience.

I was nervous about stepping outside my comfort zone, especially into new social situations. The scholarship has helped a lot. It means I don’t have to work 40 hours a week and has made it so much easier to enjoy the immersive experiences that Monash has to offer."

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