John and Lyn Coppock


Lyn and John Coppock

The decision by John Coppock and his wife Lyn to become bequestors to Monash’s Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences seems logical, given John’s background. After graduating from the Melbourne College of Pharmacy in 1954 (before it joined forces with Monash), John has worked in the industry, both in his own pharmacy and on numerous boards, including a position on the faculty foundation board at Monash. But his gift iis more about the future than the past.

“The School of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Monash has become an international star in its own right, world-renowned and is emphasising all the things that pharmacy does best,” says John. “Having more well-trained pharmacy professionals enhances the wellbeing of the population. I think they’re being underutilised. With their broad knowledge, they are being trained to interact with other health professionals for greater outcomes.”

”I enjoy the enthusiasm of these young people, the quality of the students, the knowledge base of them. When I look at those students I feel like I’m looking at the future.”

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