Alicia's story

Alicia came from rural Queensland to Study Law at Monash and her journey was made possible because of a scholarship.

Alicia only applied to one university – Monash. Even as a child living in Melbourne, attending Monash was Alicia’s dream. When her family drove past the campus, she’d say: ‘I want to go there.’

By the time Alicia reached Year 12 though, Alicia’s dream was at risk. Her family had moved to rural Queensland, and money was scarce. She worked at a supermarket to save for tuition fees, but the high cost of relocation and study essentials threatened to shatter her hopes of becoming a legal aid lawyer.

Alicia graduated as the top female student in her year. She had the marks, but didn’t know where the money would come from – and the deadline for moving to Melbourne was coming up fast.

Alicia decided to apply for a scholarship and the day she found out she’d received an offer, she was on a shift at the supermarket. Coincidentally, her father and legal studies teacher came through the checkout. Beaming, Alicia shared her life-changing news.

This scholarship means Alicia can afford textbooks, a laptop and other supplies. Alicia wants people from all backgrounds to be able to access the law – and she’s grateful that she now has the chance to study it.

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