Crystal's story

A scholarship helped Crystal leap into a better future

From the age of eight, Crystal was the sole carer for her mother Fay, who has an intellectual disability. As they struggled to survive on Fay’s disability support pension, Crystal studied hard and dreamed of being the first in her family to go to university. For Crystal, school was a sanctuary where she could imagine a future that was very different from her life.

But her circumstances kept getting in her way. Crystal often had to skip class to take her mum to medical appointments. She wore second-hand uniforms and missed most school excursions because money was so tight.

Despite the many setbacks in her life, Crystal always studied hard. She was excited by an Arts and Fine Arts degree offered by Monash University, however, she knew that she’d never be able to afford to move to Melbourne from Wodonga without help.

Crystal recalls, “I received the Achieving Potential Accommodation and Support Scholarship. I was so shocked. I cried on the spot. I felt I’d been given a chance.”

The support meant Crystal could afford accommodation in Melbourne and start her dream double degree. She’s now in her third year and thriving.

When you’re from a situation like mine, the feeling of ‘maybe I’m just not enough, maybe I’m not meant to do this’ can be overwhelming. To have somebody say ‘you are enough’ is incredible."

Crystal has come further than her dreams, thanks to an Achieving Potential Scholarship funded by donors and alumni, who support education and ignite dreams, inspire creativity, and open up new futures for students like Crystal across our community.

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