Teagan's story

The support of a scholarship has been life changing for Teagan who grew up in rural Bendigo.

Teagan dreamed of a career in astrophysics, but as a young person growing up in rural Bendigo that seemed out of reach.

Students from regional areas can face significant barriers to university education, largely due to the distance. When Teagan received an Achieving Potential Scholarship to study a Bachelor of Science Advanced - Research (Honours) at Monash University, her world opened up.

Teagan was able to embrace immersive educational experiences and take on a demanding academic load. When she became very ill with glandular fever and missed four months of study, the security of her scholarship meant she could catch up – without having to worry about finances.

“Help from a scholarship can be the difference between someone achieving their dreams or not,” says Teagan.

Now, Teagan is pursuing her dreams to the edge of the universe. She has graduated and is working on a PhD which explores the relationship between black holes and gravitational waves.

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