Andy's story

Andy remembers the day he told his father he received a Monash scholarship.

It was a moment of joy for them both after many years of shared hardship.

Andy’s family moved to Australia from China when he was three years old. Andy’s mum sadly passed away a few years later.

Andy’s father ran a small business and raised his son as a single parent. It was a very challenging time and difficult financially.

A young Andy dreamed of a career in diplomacy, and worked up to three part-time jobs during high school.

When his scholarship came through, it meant he could afford rent, textbooks and a laptop, and study at Monash University.

In his first two years of university, Andy joined Commonwealth Bank’s retail business and supported think tanks on global issues. He now works at PwC in management consulting.

Andy is thankful for his scholarship and hopes future generations will continue to access an outstanding education like the one he received at Monash.

“Thank you to our donors for acknowledging the power of education,” says Andy.

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