Joshua's story

Joshua - scholarshipsA home video from his fifth birthday shows Josh declaring: ‘I want to be a doctor one day.’

Joshua dreamed of becoming a doctor, and his family was determined to help him live his dream. They’d moved to Australia from China when Josh was three. He attended Heidelberg Primary, then earned a full scholarship to Scotch College. But when he came to university, the financial strain was immense.

His parents were overjoyed and relieved when Josh told them he’d earned a scholarship at Monash. With hospital experience as an endodontist under his belt, Josh is now well on his way to becoming a doctor.

Joshua is grateful to the alumni and donors who support Achieving Potential Scholarships. He says, “Your support has taken enormous stress off my family and motivated me to do my absolute best. Thank you for the generosity you have shown. One day I hope to pay it forward and help others pursue their education.”

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