Samantha's story

Indigenous student Samantha Taylor is passionate about closing the gap and reducing the health inequality between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians. When Samantha finished high school in regional Victoria, she knew moving closer to Monash to further her studies would be expensive.

A scholarship from Monash, however, changed everything. Thanks to generous donors, Samantha was awarded a scholarship for Outstanding Achievement.

“This scholarship has enabled me to immerse myself in the Monash community. It allowed me to move out of home, into a place where I have a great sense of belonging.”

The scholarship that alumni and passionate supporters provide helps Samantha with tuition fees, on-campus accommodation, and the costs to travel home.

When Samantha graduates, she plans to work in rural and remote areas, making a difference to any community that she can.

“It inspired me because it showed me that I have support, and there are people out there who see that young people can really make a difference to our world and the future.”

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