Matheson Society – Recognising our Bequestors


Recognising our bequestors

If you have included Monash in your Will or are considering doing so, you'll be invited to join the Matheson Society, named in honour of our first Vice Chancellor, Sir Louis Matheson, and his wife Lady Audrey Matheson.

Discover the Matheson Society

Together, the hard work and dedication of Sir Louis Matheson, and his wife Lady Audrey Matheson led the rapid development of Monash University in its earliest years.

As a member, you will have access to exclusive events throughout the year where you can interact with like-minded individuals who believe in supporting future generations.

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Matheson Society benefits

As a member of the Matheson Society, you'll receive invitations to Monash events throughout the year, including an annual society function.

In addition to keeping track of exciting developments at Monash through our annual Matheson Society newsletter, you'll develop relationships with leading Monash alumni, staff and friends.

Vitally, you'll join others in creating a legacy of positive change.

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