Corporate philanthropy


Your organisation can make a meaningful impact on society

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It is well recognised that businesses closely associated with philanthropy and sustainability resonate strongly with consumers, motivate and inspire their employees at every level and attract new talent.

Monash University partners with a host of companies committed to creating positive social change. Together with our corporate partners we devise short- and long-term solutions to the most pressing problems that society and industry face.

These solutions could take the form of research projects, scholarships and prizes, resources and facilities or in-kind donations, all with the common objective to Change It. For Good.

Delivering across many disciplines, we bring a holistic and innovative approach to help you achieve your philanthropic ambitions, investing time and attention to identify projects that match your company’s vision.

Find out how to get started below, or download our Corporate Philanthropy Brochure (PDF, 3.55 MB) for more information.

How to get started