Nurturing nursing research talent in cardiac care


17 May 2023

Trophy Chen in front of the Victorian Heart Hospital

Trophy Chen, Cybec scholarship recipient in front of the Victorian Heart Hospital

Monash University provides a world class platform for the cultivation and development of research leadership, especially in the areas of health impact research. Postgraduate health research students contribute to the ongoing breakthroughs that ladder up to groundbreaking results and changes in healthcare.

This work requires full-time contact hours and considerable financial commitment from students to undertake their significant research with deep focus. The landscape for funding and support is highly competitive within health research and diverse areas of expertise in healthcare, like nursing, are often less likely to be funded than those of their physician peers.

Generous donor partners such as the Cybec Foundation are the vital foundation of Monash scholarship programs that provide the crucial funding support that research students need to tackle the challenges of our time, become subject matter experts in their chosen fields and contribute to transformative change to the system.

This philanthropic support has greatly benefited PhD nurse researcher and recipient of the Cybec Scholarship, Trophy Chen. In a growing movement, nurse researchers are harnessing the knowledge they acquire on the floor to inform evidence-based practices. Their knowledge, coupled with hands-on experience, allows them to theorise, structure studies and collect evidence that ultimately leads to better care.

Trophy has acquired a wealth of on-the-ground nursing experience and has a particular, heartfelt interest in better care standards and applications for patients and their families, and the role that nursing plays in providing that.

Her current research is exploring the feasibility of a nurse-led model of care in cardiology prevention to reduce cardiovascular risk specifically for patients with diabetes.

This scholarship support has given me an opportunity to be able to fully focus on my work, utilise my nursing career experience to test my theories in cardiovascular patient management, and collaborate with colleagues to drive impactful change. My hope is that this will affect outcomes for patients both here and potentially at a global level”. - Trophy Chen, Cybec Scholarship recipient.

Trophy’s findings will contribute to the range of innovative and explicit cardiovascular research and treatment at the Victorian Heart Institute; a ground-breaking centre housed within the Victorian Heart Hospital, revolutionising cardiac care here at Monash.

In bestowing scholarships such as these, your vision for better and healthier outcomes for our community can be realised through supporting exceptional students to conduct research in these critical areas.

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